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Inner development goals
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Travelling unleashes people creativity and with it many forms of inner development. TravaPowa promotes and spreads the IDG in the Travel & Tourism community to make our next journey a new transformative force for people, businesses, and the planet.

IDG is a global community of practitioners, scientists, employees, consultants, coaches, and more who are working together to put the open-source IDG framework into action, collectively. The Inner Development Goals framework is fundamental in the work to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Initiative

Inner Development Goals (IDGs) is a non-profit organization for inner development. We research, collect and communicate science-based skills and qualities that help us to live purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives. It is the greatest possible accelerator to reach the Sustainable Development Goals and create a prosperous future for all humanity.

The Framework

The IDGs framework consists of 5 dimensions organising 23 skills and qualities of human inner growth and development. The framework has been developed by a team of international researchers after an extensive outreach consultation involving more than a thousand people. It is an essential framework of transformative skills for sustainable development.

The Hub

We are a group of professionals and travel enthusiasts involving all generations with inter-sectoral backgrounds. Our Hub is a co-created space constantly looking for new change drivers that can boost transformative impact on people and society by promoting meaningful, regenerative and creative forms of travel.

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We must change the way we think and act as individuals and societies. We are approaching sustainability issues as technical problems, when we know very well that we are dealing with an adaptive problem in all respects.

This Hub is a space open to all Travel&Tourism practitioners and every travel enthusiast to develop together the awareness that the growth of our human skills and competences is a necessary prerequisite for sustainable and inclusive societies.

We bridge the intersection between inner journey and outer journey, between Inner Development Goals (IDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The ambition is to demonstrate how travel can accelerate personal and organisational development in order to build the transformative competences needed for a sustainable society.

For communities & change makers

Join the Community and learn how to integrate IDG in your practices

This Hub is conceived to empower individuals and organisations to take action toward sustainable development through better and meaningful travel experiences. An holistic and effective way to integrate IDGs and SDGs in your community or work-space making them drivers of change by simply turning something people enjoy, travelling, in a booster for sustainability.

For leaders & business

Transform your business workflows adopting IDG based processes

Run the assessment also on business processes and workflows. Are your governance, your Theory of Change, your product or your financial incentives formed and placed to underpin impact and nurture the best your leadership has to give? Transform your organisation culture, empower your leadership to achieve its highest potentials and prove that impact can travel much faster.

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