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The Inner Development Goals is a new framework linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.
It is designed for individuals, businesses and leaders to develop the right inner skills to achieve major systemic changes.
Its rapid global spread has already reached governments, universities, major corporations and small scale organisations.
What could be its relationship with Travel&Tourism?
TravaPowa invites you to explore this new opportunity to accelerate the transition of the travel industry.

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Often tourism is pointed-out as a lever to achieve the UN’s 2030 Agenda and attain the Sustainable Development Goals.
Until the Covid pandemic, tourism was set at the crossroads of most development issues and impacts. Since then, many innovative approaches have flourished and now they are starting to reap their fruits.
The project TravaPowa monitors the future of travel by looking at the significant or promising initiatives that are moving beyond “tourism”, and contribute to the making of new paradigms so that today’s and tomorrow’s travellers become the catalysts of SDGs as a whole.
On the occasion of the Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile 2023, we had a close look at what positive impact we can have travelling differently.

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Collaboration and co-creation are important forces on the path to building a better world.

The European project TravaPowa promoted by the Paris-based NGO Etikbnb scouts analyses and discusses alternative ways of travelling, always having positive and tangible impact as guiding star.

We are excited to support and organize projects and events with people who share our goals and values

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