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Whales Expedition

Wildlife-watch: Have a close look at whales – the greatest living animals on the planet – during their annual migration with Pico, Portugal’s highest peak, 2,351m above sea level, on the background. An experience like no other that will raise awareness amongst the archipelago’s community for school teachers and community mental health personnel.

by Futurismo Azores

Alps work camp

Wild purpose-action: Are you a mountain lover? If you are, do join a group of mountain lovers to remove obsolete civil or military infrstructure. Clean-up and restore breath-taking landscapes. High altitude equipments are dangerous for wild animals and mountain practitioners. Findings of historical value will be treated with special procedures and handed over to local communities.

by Mountain Wilderness

Diving into the stars

Night-sky watch: Live the day-to-day life of an astronomical observatory in the Alps. For an entire week (7 days), share the life of astronomers and astrophysicists, and conduct your own experiments. The experience is dedicated to day-dreamers as much as volonteer experts since no minimum level is required. Meanwhile you will support a team of scientists simply looking up to the sky.

by Odisway

Aurora hunting

Eco-volunteering: In this 9 days tour you will have the opportunity to learn about symbiosis between humankind and dramatic landscapes, sustainable energy sources, and support local communities… while spotting the amazing aurora.
The perfect summary of what Iceland is all about!

by Worldwide Friends

NoMafia bike tour

Culture-watch: The winds of change are blowing from Palermo to Corleone, where the Mafia thrived. A new generation has surged to say NO to Mafia and build a new Sicily. The anti-mafia tour operator “Addio Pizzo” (“farewell protection money”) invites you to discover the beauties of rural Sicily while supporting its mission.

by Addio Pizzo Travel

Live & learn organic farm

AGR Purpose-action: WWOOF Germany is part of an international effort to link travelers with organic farmers. Ecological farming practices and teachings help build a global community. Feel the soil in your hands and help farmers with your work.

by WWOOFING Germany

Stories factory & community co-op

Community bulding: bring your knowledge, ideas, and opinions to discuss on the relevance of cultural Heritage for society and on cooperative values. A community based tourism cooperative is waiting for you in the amazing framework of South France to brainstorm around new forms of exchange and traveling.

by Les oiseaux de passage

Be a Nomad, celebrate life

Wilderness English teaching: this is a four-weeks English teaching and cultural immersion program that offers travellers a chance to immerse themselves in the nomadic culture and eagle hunting traditions by becoming a part of the Kazakh nomadic community of Sagsai in Western Mongolia.

by Brown Gal Trekker

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