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Meaningful travel inspires creative commitment.
Be energized and contribute your positive outlook across Europe and beyond.

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Talent and opportunity growth combined with greenwashing alerts. Help this ambition become real. Create what you want to live today, tomorrow, everyday.

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Join grassroots change makers and drive positive impact worldwide. On TravaPowa anyone can share values and skills to accelerate the ecological and social transition while enjoying traveling.

TravaPowa is a collective action to change the travel industry in favour of more meaningful and impactful practices.
We are sparking a community to boost the social and environmental transition by unlocking the values embedded in any adventure.

Every journey implies an exchange of values – goods, finances, emotions, skills… – but the current system focuses only on the economic benefits (for a few and in specific locations) obtained in exchange for the supposed satisfaction of wunderlusting dreams.
This has led to the degeneration of the entire tourism industry, stuck in a spiral of ‘more&more’ without knowing how to reinvent and innovate itself according to the new environmental and social needs.
Sustainability is caught up in this vicious cycle, used as a marketing element without significant impact.

TravaPowa experiences combine environmental awareness, mitigation, and sustainable practices as measured by a variety of initiatives. A combination of labels, reviews and promotion spreads advanced standards of sustainability between the operators and travellers joining the platform

Travel must be an innovative force at the service of a more equitable society.
TravaPowa adventures are scouted according to their environmental sustainability, the innovativeness of the proposal, social inclusion, and the empowerment they generate on travellers and locals

We are conscious this mad mad world is as an amazing as a complex ecosystem.
This is why we are convinced that action must be innovative, direct, and measurable to escape the sweet sirens of greenwashing.
The first step to changing things is doing them differently!

unleashing the values inherent in each travel(ler)

What's in for the traveller?

TravaPowa’s ecosystem is designed for those who want to continue to feel the thrill of discovery and the satisfaction of action,
while participating in building the world that will be tomorrow.
It is built around the extraordinary power of human relations and their exchange and sharing dynamics.
On TravaPowa travellers can find all the best impact solutions in Europe and around the world, from accommodations, to mobility, to volunteering, to outdoor adventures.

TravaPowa Travellers

are changing the world while enjoying its uniqueness

Human to human platform
Change-makers on the move
Stay aware of your positive impact
A gateway for the best solutions

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are enriching experiences and a booster for sustainable development

The first impact travel ecosystem
Meaningful and measurable results
Community-led initiatives
Re-designing destinations’ future

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TravaPowa connects people who wish to travel beyond tourism with people who are the actors of change.
Positive actions and positive impact travel stem from their encounter.

Why become members:

The more we are, the bigger our impact will be

Your skills are essential to make it happen

Members are entitled to specific contents and benefits
(access to community tools, promotions, priority on events participation…)

Members can list their travel or their destinations on the platform

Members can directly be involved in the association work activities

Members can participate into the association life, defending its identity, promoting its goals

Non-for-profits count on the funds coming from memberships to stay operative

The fee is quite affordable

Meet our impact trailblazers

Glue of different people and projects, he has been trying to move towards a new travel paradigm for some time. Help us reassure him!
Born 3600 metres above sea level, she brings a wave of rarefied air to the group, with a special interest in getting to know authentic sides of people.
Cruelty-free adventurer in the field and creative explorer with the mind, she always takes essential issues one level further.
Quality controller of TravaPowa's impact, being the only team member whose entire future is at stake.
Multi-faced, multilingual, multiplier of others' potential. The Coach.
Cupiditate non provident, similique sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollitia animi, id est laborum et dolorum fuga.

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Do you run a travel project with a positive impact?
Or perhaps you want to adapt your practices to new environmental and social challenges?
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